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Duck life 4 hacked


Duck life 4 has returned (hacked) with more olympic action! Swim, fly, and place in tournements as you compete as a duck! Unlock all skills immediately in duck life 4 hacked

Train your duck and practice to master the controls in this sensitive flash game created by Wix Games

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Duck Life 4 is a hacked game


description Duck life 4 hacked was added to DFG on 2/16/11

Run, jump, fly and swim! Compete in duck life 4 to knock down the competition and unlock strengths beyond your wildest dreams. Duck life 4 is the sequel to the popular smash hit Duck life 3. Deep upgrade system and awesome unlocks & trophies for each compeition? What are you reading this for...play duck life, hacked with unlimited upgrades and huge skills!


Duck Life 4 hacked

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